Custom Solutions

Need a Prototype Developed?

Turn over a manufacturing challenge to us and we work to help with a solution. We have excelled in contract manufacturing since our inception.

Our potential contribution to you doesn't stop there!

As Solution Specialists, our cross-functional team loves collaborative problem solving alongside customers. Together, we design custom solutions tailored to specific needs.

From cable assemblies to 3D printed plastic parts, we deliver elegant solutions to life.

A thorough process of discovery leads to a simple, elegant solution. Experience has taught us to keep searching for a final fixture design or creative ergonomic advantage. Often, it takes trying one method to lead to the better one. Without due-diligence in the development phase, it is easy to miss substantial savings in time, money or safety. In that case, “The good becomes the enemy of the best.”

Equipment such as our 3D printing capabilities enable us to take a concept and provide you with a prototype you can hold in your hand, turn in the light and feel. Utilize all of your senses to enhance your creativity. Two dimensional drawings can simply be inadequate. Let our experience and services become your assets.

Complete Supply Chain Management

Do you have an idea but lack the expertise in manufacturing and marketing? For a select few we can provide a turnkey system where you provide the idea, and in some cases the funding, and we take over as many aspects of the business as you require. This would be, at a minimum, product development and manufacturing, but can also include engineering assistance, full marketing services, customer billing, business development, strategic partnership introductions and shipping.

One sentence guides everything that we do:

We are Solution Specialists!

If you have a challenge, we have a team who can work with you to build a solution.

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