Being in the electric motor business for years, I had grown accustomed to the GE brand. I was disappointed to find out small DC motors were no longer available from GE, creating additional work to accommodate our dedicated customer. I was thrilled to learn that eXcellon DC Motors & Tachometers delivers this exact same quality motor with short leadtimes and fair pricing!

Quality Control

Thank you very much for the time and effort researching and quoting this. We are quoting the customer now and will let you know

-Fred Bird
 Program Manager – Locomotive & Motors

Mike, Thanks for updating me and for the quote – Much appreciated.


Fantastic. We appreciate the help.

-Doug Dorsam 
   Commodity Fulfillment Leader

Thank you very much! We greatly appreciate the help.

We approve to proceed with the revised shipping cost. Please provide tracking details when the unit ships.

-Nick Wiley
   Sales Representative

He appreciated you calling him. Glad it was a good decision.

-Susan Hampton

Thank you for the update. I don’t know what to say other than thank you! I will be on the lookout for these and will submit the invoice ASAP.

-Scott M. Mitchell
 Resource Controller-Materials Management

 Thanks for the great service!