General Care Instructions

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Examination:  Examine this unit upon delivery to see it has not been damaged in shipment.  Any damage must be reported immediately to Excellon Technologies.

INSTALLATION:  When installing, units must be aligned with a correct coupling that is a in new or like new condition.  Disc or beam couplings are recommended.  Coupling misalignment will cause poor performance, bearing and shaft damage and failure.  preloading of coupling, either in +/- direction will reduce the life of the bearings. Damage or failure from these conditions is not covered under warranty.

Side loading such as gear, chain, or belt drives can also drastically reduce the life of the bearings.  For side-loaded systems care should be taken to reduce load to a minimum, such as adjusting belt tension only as tight as needed to prevent slipping.

CAUTION:  All rotating parts must be guarded, and all covers in place during use.

Lubrication:  The bearings in this unit are permanently lubricated with grease specifically designed for electric motors. Per the manufacturer this lubrication is sufficient to last approximately 5 years of normal use in a straight coupled application.  24 hour per day or severe operation will give approximately 3 years of service.

Bearing replacement should only be performed by Excellon Technologies staff or a qualified motor service shop.

Brushes:  Brush life varies with use and application of unit. Regular interval inspections of the brushes are recommended.  Brushes should be replaced when worn out or are approximately ¼ inch in length. It is recommended that only brushes obtained from Excellon Technologies be used.  Brush access covers must be reinstalled after brush maintenance for safe use in hazardous locations.

General Care:  Routine inspections (minimally every 1000 hours of use) should be established per your predictive/preventive maintenance program to monitor brushes, bearing noise and heat, electrical connections, and overall condition.  Units in severe or dusty environments should be cleaned or blown off occasionally for proper heat dissipation.  Open units where dust is prevalent should be blown out to keep the windings free of dust.

Any servicing or repair requiring disassembly of the end shields should only be performed by Excellon Technologies Staff or a qualified motor service center.


WARNING: Servicing of a Tachometer requiring removal of the armature or rotor will require magnetic recalibration.  This must be performed by Excellon Technologies Staff or a qualified motor service center.


Replace brush assembly if:

– the brush is cracked or broken.

– the contact face is chipped to the extent that less than 85% of the surface remains effective.

– if length is approaching the limit of 1⁄4 inch.

– the shunt is broken or frayed.

– the spring is distorted.

-If one brush needs replaced, it is a good practice to replace brushes in sets (2 or 4) in your product as applicable. When brushes require replacement, it is recommended that only brushes obtained from Excellon be used to insure proper grade, assembly length, and radial grind

Commutator Inspection:

-Inspect the commutator during each inspection of brushes.

-Commutator bars should not be pitted, burnt, or grooved. If commutator bars are deeply pitted or grooved in the brush track, please contact Excellon for assistance.


The above instructions are not intended to cover all details, nor provide for every possible contingency in connection with installation, operation, or maintenance. For further assistance, please contact Excellon DC Motors & Tachometers.

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