• eXcellon product built based on GE originally created drawings and specifications
  • 79 series motors
  • Premium SKF bearings


  • Diesel pump
  • Gas refineries

Production on the sea at sunrise.

Available models (but not limited to):

Explosion Proof - Class 1, Group D; Class II, Groups E, F, and G

HP RPM Armature Volts Field Volts GE frame NEMA frame Winding Model No. List Price (USD)* Weight C Dim.
 3/4 1725 115 115 79 Compound 5BC79AE10 $10,021.50 170 17.9
 3/4 1725 115 115 79 Compound 5BC79AE29 $10,034.86 170 17.9
 1/2 1725 140 200 79 Shunt 5BC79AE15 $9,979.82 170 17.9

Other examples (but not limited to):

+ 5BC46AE1010

+ 5BC48AB790

+ 5BC48AE1

+ 5BC48AE21

+ 5BC48AE682

+ 5BC49AE9

+ 5BC74AB2245​

*Please contact us at +1-855-503-9159 or contact@excellonmotors.com for price and availability

FLG =Flange mounted      WB =Welded base 

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