Welcome to eXcellon DC Motors and Tachometers, a division of eXcellon Technologies, Inc., an innovative company that realized the value add to customers by keeping the former General Electric quality going! In 2010, the product line of 1/4hp to 1hp (5BC42AB1729 and 5PY59JY2) came up for sale, at which point the company purchased the original documentation and equipment.

This robust, 65+ year old quality product is used in a wide variety of industries including steel, OEM, pulp and paper, textile, public transportation, locomotive, oil and gas.

Some of the applications the product is used in is steel mills, HVAC, door operator, mixers, conveyors, MRO, packaging, lathes, and material handling.

The product is currently being built by G.E. trained and experienced staff in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA, the birthplace of General Electric Motors! Premium SKF bearings are used to ensure a long performing motor and tachometers. To ensure your satisfaction, before your product ships, our team is dedicated to confirming a “yes” to the question, “is it perfect”?

As value-added solution specialists, driven by integrity, and offering shorter lead times than most in the industry, we are here to serve you. eXcellon DC Motors and Tachometers is part of a company that has a well-diversified product line to ensure both customer and employee longevity (to learn more about our corporate offerings, please go to www.excellontech.com).

Please take time to review our website for our latest offering, located on separate tabs. If you do not see what you need, please complete our online request form at https://excellonmotors.com/contact/ or contact us at 855-503-9159.

Looking forward to seeing how we can help.

Director of Sales and motors team