Warranty Details

We Offer Robust Information about our Warranty Details below. 

Motor & Tachometer Manufacturers Warranty

We stand behind your recently purchased robust, quality product against manufacturing defects!
Our standard service warranty is 12 months of the product being in service or 18 months after manufacture date, whichever occurs first.

If you have questions regarding a potential warranty, please contact the manufacturer (toll free 855-503-9159 or email mike.warner@excellontech.com)
A helpful date code sheet exists at excellonmotors.com.
Do not contact your local distributor or reseller.

The Excellon team will be sure to provide prompt attention as to next steps!

There are no returns/refunds if the unit was installed, modified, and or damaged in any way outside of Excellon, other than in shipment.

There is a minimum 25% restock fee on approved returns.


Your new tachometer is calibrated to meet specific performance parameters. Because of this standard, if any service is performed (such as the removal of armature/rotor, which requires recalibration) other than by a qualified Excellon staff member, the warranty will be considered void.